Amazon picks Great Leader as a best book of 2015:

The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot expertly melds geopolitics with personal struggle, creating an exciting and illuminating account of a chapter of world history that still resonates today.” — Amazon’s Jon Foro

Overseas Press Club of America awards Great Leader a citation (meaning 2nd place) for best non-fiction book on international affairs in 2015.

For a literary understanding of why North Korea hates the United States, Signature Reads recommends The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot.

CNN cites The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot to explain how Trump’s North Korea threats are catnip for Kim Jong Un.

Reviews of Great Leader

New York Times: “fascinating” and “artful.”

The Economist: “A gripping account of the battle fought in the skies [during the Korean War] and its lasting significance.”

Washington Post: “thrilling stuff” and “Blaine Harden has done more than anyone else to bring [North Korea] to a mass audience.”

Financial Times: Reads “like a thriller” and “acidly” reveals brutality of US bombing during Korean War

Wall Street Journal: “a riveting book that makes the history of N. Korea accessible to the general reader.”

Christian Science Monitor: “an impossible-to-put down thriller.”

The Daily Beast: “an eminently readable picture of our most under-remembered war.”

The LA Review of Books: “rigorously researched and entrancing tale of the Korean War.”

South China Morning Post: “makes excellent use of recently declassified material to tie the cold war strands together in a compelling tale.”

Washington Times: “skillfully crafted”

Watch an excellent video about Great Leader.

Library Journal (starred review): “An enjoyable read that is highly recommended for those interested in Cold War or North Korean history, or for anyone who likes a strong narrative.”

Excellent radio interviews with me and the North Korean fighter pilot who stole the Great Leader’s MiG: CBC’s The Current.  PRI-The World.

Amazon and The Christian Science Monitor pick The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot as a best book of March.





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